The Ranch offers a variety of Equine Assisted wellness programs and support modalities for mental/behavioral health as well as for physical therapy needs.  These researched backed models of therapy have helped children, adults and families deal with trauma, depression, disorders and a variety of special needs challenges.
Horses are the main element in the treatment plans as they have natural characteristics that facilitate positive emotional and physical changes. Our other farm animals also have a role to play.

Walking/riding trails and natural play areas overlay the 50 acre Ranch.  A sensory trail and natural playground allow clients to enjoy the outdoors, therefore improving their approach to therapy.  This natural “green space” is another part of the unique therapeutic environment found at Bit of Hope.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Outdoor Nature Therapy

girl rabbit

Traditional Counseling

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Physical Therapy and Special Needs Therapies

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Natural Lifemanship

natural lifemanship



Certified Horseman's Association, CHA


PATH International