Many of our horses and farm animals have come from a place of abuse or neglect.  We are grateful to the owners who have valued our mission highly enough to have donated their healthy animals too for the purpose of using them in therapeutic situations.

 rocket running Rocket was donated by a family who did not have time to work with her. She had experienced running barrels and came with some emotional baggage.  Her great ground manners make her great for our program. Rocket is a 15 hand, 10 year old quarter horse mare. Horsenality: RBI

“I am quiet and calm mare when I have a confident leader. I still get uptight easily when learning something new…until someone reminds me to relax and breathe.  I love parties and pony rides.”

 cookie running s Cookie was donated by a family that recognized that she needed work to remain healthy and happy.  She comes with a lot of Parelli and Hunter experience. Cookie is a 15 hand, 13 year old black quarter horse mare. Horsenality: LBI

“What’s in it for me? I am unmotivated and some people think I’m lazy. Although I has great manners, I get bored very easily. Grass and treats make me very happy. I carry kids and adults around for sessions.  They could not do it without me!”

 asia 2s Asia came to us through another rescue group.  She and her dam were discovered abandoned.  The mare was foundered so terribly that she could not stand up to get water for several days.   Asia had no hoof care and her hooves had also foundered and curled.  Through proper hoof care and nutrition, she is now serviceably sound.  She came without much arena experience but has learned a lot since being at the Ranch. Asia is our little girl- only 13.2 hands, 11 years old and Paso Fino-Arab mix. Horsenality: RBI

“I love dressing up for birthday parties and pony rides. Being groomed is my favorite. I am small in size and have a fairy tale mane.  I bring smiles to many children.”

 DSC_1110 Ginger joined our herd as her previous owner wanted her to have a productive life and have someone that could appreciate her natural talent.  Ginger loves people and is very confident in sessions. Ginger is a 14.2 hands, five year old, chestnut/ palomino Hafflinger/Quarterhorse cross. Horsenality: RBE

“I love moving my feet, doing tricks, sneaking treats and trying to open gates to the grass. I am way smarter than most of my humans and love “training’ them.  All I have to do is bat my eyelashes and they are in love with my blond mane and good looks.”

 doc 3s  Doc was brought to the Ranch as a rescue horse.  He and a pasture mate had been abandoned in a field.  They were starved and in poor condition. Sadly, his pasture mate did not survive.  When Doc came to the Ranch, you could count every vertebra and rib through his matted winter coat. He acted terrified in the arena and had scars from an ill-fitting saddle and spurs. After medical care and a special diet, he revealed a glowing bay body. His physical body healed quicker than his mind. Hours of retraining taught him how to relax and accept a rider. Now he is a favorite with clients. He still gets emotional at mealtimes by playing and rattling his food tub. Doc is a 15.2 hands, 18 year old, bay QH gelding. Horsenality: LBE

“I love food and getting treats from my humans. Sometimes I will test them to see if they really know what they are doing, but I always take care of them.  I’m grateful to be at the Ranch and to have made so many friends.”


 doc and skip s Skip was donated to us in his senior years as he needed a job to keep his body and mind going strong. He had a lot of training and great manners, but was losing muscle and condition not working. He has plenty of “go”, even though he’s a senior, and teaches students how to stay focused. Skip is the old man of the group at 30 years old. He is a 15.3 hands black quarter horse gelding. Horsenality: LBE

“I always know more than my rider. I am patient and wait until they quit bouncing on me before I go faster. Sometimes I test them to make sure they know what they are doing. I am leader in my pasture and do not plan to retire anytime soon.”

 _MG_0019 Max was donated to our program from a donor who understood that large horses can be intimidating. Max was not handled much and had to get used to all the touching and handling.  Now he proudly shows off his tricks, especially his jumps. Max is a mighty 38 inches tall, 8 year old black miniature horse. Horsenality: RBI

“I am shy around humans, but I can get friendly once I know they will not push me around. I still like people to show me respect even though I am small. I still move, act and think just like a regular size horse, except people don’t ride me… thank goodness! Josie Conner also wrote her first book about me, “A New Home for Max”

 HOPE 1 Hope was a surprise! Her mother, Snow, came to us when Max came. She was a retired show horse that needed the rest of her years to be peaceful and quiet. As her stomach grew larger, we suspected something was going on. Hope was born at the end of February on a beautiful sunny morning. Snow died shortly after Hope was born and Max became her new best friend. It has been a great experience watching a young horse grow up on the Ranch. Hope is our baby- only two years old and 32 inches tall. She’s a precious chestnut paint mini. Horsenality: LBE

“People are so boring, they expect me to stand still and keep my heels on the ground. Sometimes I can comply, but other times I have to jump and spin. Josie Conner wrote her second book about me, “A New Friend For Max”.

 DSC_1079 Cinnamon and Oreo: A donor gave us the rabbits for therapy shortly after our original pair was stolen. They’re two year old lop eared rabbits.

“People are nice here at the Ranch. Everyone loves trying to stand our ears up and then laugh as they fall back over. We are super cute.”

 DSC_1096 Lots of Spots and Butterscotch: A family donated them because they loved our mission and wanted their pets to offer joy to the kids that visited the Ranch. These handsome boys are two year old domestic rabbits.

“We are very friendly and always hop up to the gate to see what our new friends bring us. Even though our ears are “normal” we are still cute!”

 DSC_1087 The goats joined our Ranch family because they were naturally born without horns and were safer to work with. We got the two baby goats, Moses and his twin brother Malachi, when they were 2 weeks old. Daisy, their mama, was unable to produce milk and they needed to be bottle fed. Malachi had a hurt leg and struggled with taking milk from a bottle. Despite all of our efforts, his immune system failed and he died after 4 weeks. Daisy and Moses are white Boer goats. Daisy is two years old, and Moses is one.

“We love our new home and will often think of Malachi as we twist and jump in the air. We have learned to love the humans that bring us scratches and treats.”

 DSC_1088 This 250 lb pig was given to us by a girl who was going off to college. Petunia has been a great addition to the Ranch and is by far the most social. She will carry on conversations and is way smarter than most animals on the farm. She’s three years old, and a pot belly pig, which means she’s black instead of pink.

“I love when people come and visit me. They are always amazed at how big that I am. I am very clean and organized  I go to bed at the same time and fluff up hay to cover my eyes. I also never go to the bathroom in my stable… something the goats should learn!”

 DSC_1065 The chickens bring a lot of joy to the farm. The roosters crow and are proud of their flocks. The hens leave us eggs in a variety of colors from brown, to blue, to green. We have Barred Rocks, Austroloprs, Lavender orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds, and Easter Layers.

“We love to talk, especially when we lay an egg. We love to eat anything…bugs, worms, table scraps, etc.  We put ourselves to bed at night and everyone sits on their roosting bar in the coop until sunrise. The two roosters keep us safe and settle any squabbles that us hens may have. Life is good!”















Happy Goodbyes
ruby running Ruby is a 15.1 hand, Chestnut paint mare. She was diagnosed with Navicular and was adopted out to another home.
DSC_1106 Angel is a sensitive tri colored paint mare who is used for equine learning and therapy. She was rescued as a 6 month old filly.  She has been adopted by the young women who half leased her and fell in love with her.
lilly naya running Lilly was a rescue horse that suffered physical abuse. She was brought to the ranch by a caring gentleman who had compassion for her emotional and physical scars.  Lilly is fast as lightning and has a hard time trusting. Once she feels safe, she’ll jump the moon for her human. Lilly is a 15.2 hand, thirteen year old bay quarter horse mare. Lilly is now a retired therapy horse.
cowboy Cowboy came to the Ranch because his size could carry the high school males that we were counseling.  He has a ton of Ranch working experience and is unfazed by most situations.  His calm demeanor, strong body and good looks made him invaluable to our sessions. Cowboy is a 15.3 hands, seventeen year old buckskin quarterhorse gelding. Horsenality: LBI

“I am not a cuddly horse and actually am very shy.  I do not like moving quickly, especially since I have developed a bone spur in my ankle.  Everyone understands my limitations and helps me feel better. I enjoy when the kids brush me and take care of me.”

Cowboy has retired to a Ranch in Monroe where he can move slowly and eat grass all day!