We know that change is hard.

That is why the therapy teams at Bit of Hope Ranch have created environments where clients feel safe to deal with their toughest issues.  The Ranch offers a unique and effective approach to counseling by utilizing a rural environment and the therapeutic animals.  Our licensed therapists offer traditional counseling in a non-traditional setting for children, families and adults.  

Our therapy teams are also certified in ground-based equine therapy,  EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association).  This cutting edge therapy is appropriate for many clients that seem “stuck” in traditional counseling.  Trauma focused EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) is also offered for clients that struggle with self-regulation and trauma.  Rhythmic Riding can give clients the necessary coping skills to handle old challenges in new ways.  Clients can also use the comfortable therapy office and the trails for “walk and talk” traditional sessions.


Start your journey to healing today.  Contact us to set up a FREE 15 min DISCOVERY SESSION with one of our qualified therapist.  After that call, you will have the option of booking an intake with us.  We love teamwork…our therapists also collaborate with a client’s primary therapist or doctor.  Most of these services can be covered by insurance or Workman’s Comp.

Contact us with the form in the sidebar or contact us directly at our secure email, info@bitofhoperanch.org.

Here are just some of the mental/behavioral challenges our therapists treat.

Anxiety Depression Eating Disorders
Abuse Trauma Grief
ADHD/ADD Autism Sensory Disorders

Herd By A Horse, Autism Therapy

Counseling In Nature

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy For At-Risk Youth